Always Starter Kit

All Always products under the same roof! If you adopted a cat, or want to change things around the house, this kit is for you.

The box that is a house has it all!

A pack of sand

One of the main products that we need as long as we have a new cat is the sand and more is missing if it is the Always Cat Litter of 6Kg!

A fantastic litter box with sieve

If it's to start with it's big. And nothing better than having a sandbox with sieve system at the start. You'll love the ALways Cat Litter Box!

A Pack of Snacks

While enjoying the new home, give your cat Always snacks. No cereals, no gluten, but with lots of flavor. The Snack is healthy and appetizing!

A house

All products inside a box. But why not turn the box at home? Simple, just follow the instructions and your cat will love it!