Always Cat Snacks

No Cereals and No Gluten! These Snacks are even made with fresh poultry meat, without sugar and without byproducts.

Who said the snacks are only for dogs?

Play and have fun with your cat! Stimulate the hunting, throwing the snacks, or give as a little breakfast. You will not be able to get through without them!
The packaging is great because it allows you to always have the glass closed, conserving better the properties of your Snacks! But attention is not proof of cats, if they find out they will even try to open it, make the experience!

For more information about the product, consult the Datasheet.

Eat and mew for more

Fresh poultry

The first ingredient of our snacks is fresh poultry meat. To think about the health of your animal we have eliminated all animal and vegetable by-products to make probably the best snack for cats.

Packing with lid

In order to conserve the quality of the snacks better, we present a package with a lid. Thus, it manages to maintain the freshness of the first to the last grain.

No cereals and gluten free

Adopting the best practices of feline feed production, we did not introduce cereals into the composition of this product. We have in this way a snack that can be consumed even by more sensitive cats.

Approved by cats

Blueberries and cranberries are among the many ingredients that make these snacks truly delicious for cats. We ended up with the expression "Cats do not like snacks". Try it with your cat already!

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Quality Commitment

Healthy, balanced and full of flavor is our commitment. Prepared under HACCP (Food Safety) and IFS (International Food Standard), Always's food the most demanding international requirements.

Rich in antioxidants, the snack recipe brings a new concept of healthy snack, without adding sugars and animal by-products, all thinking about the health and well-being of your cat. For more information consult the Datasheet.