Always Cat Litter

The ambiance of your home is clean and odorless!

Always Cat Litter

This was the first product of the Always brand, which is distinguished from the others, in the presentation of Quality products destined for the Cats market! Find out at home the advantages that make your cat prefer Always and experience a new quality of life because it is easy to clean, totally absorbs the bad odors and costs less than you think.

A 16 kg bag lasts up to 3 months for a cat, so you only need 4 bags per year and best of all is that you never need to be at the end of the week to pour all the conventional sand or silica out and to wash the litter . With Always this is over, just take the clods daily and you're done!

Everything you need is here!

Smells and Odors

Sodium Bentonite is an inert mineral clay. The product gets wet with the urine of the cat, it becomes a clod by the process of microencapsulation of the urine and also absorbs the bad odor.


Always Cat Litter binder sand has an absorption capacity of more than 400% !! You need much less product to absorb the same amount of urine. Do the math and know how much you are saving.

Easy to clean

Thanks to the high absorption capacity, cleaning and maintenance of the litter, it consists only in removing the clods of urine with the aid of a small shovel. Vulgar and silica sand can not differentiate sand that is dirty (contaminated) and smells like urine, but with Always Cat Litter, the dirty sand is crowded into a clump ready to take off! See also the best litter for this sand, the Up& Sift!”

Side Handle

In order to make the 16 kg bag easier to carry, in 2016, we began marketing Always with an innovative side handle that until now was only seen in ration bags. With this evolution the bag of 16Kg allows, in addition to 6Kg, easier handling at the time of pouring into the tray, something that is unique in the sand market.


This mineral clay is 100% safe. Unlike the "sands" of silica, as has already been announced by experts of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, that the ingestion of silica balls do gastrointestinal disorders. For its part, the binder sand passes through the intestinal tract without problems. However if your cat consumes large amounts of sand it is always advisable to go to the vet.

Without Dust

One of the main characteristics of this sand is related to the dust, or rather to its absence. This issue is very worrisome for owners and veterinarians as it is often synonymous with irritations, allergies and respiratory problems. We got a 99% powder free product, the result of an innovative suction system in the packaging process. .